Kids Surprised by Limo Company

8 year old Aoife and Conor of 6 had lost their mother (Marion) after she died of ovarian cancer six years ago. Their father Aidan Duggan who is now battling serious illness himself was recently invited to join his family on a special festive day out at Fota House organised by Cork City Hospitals Children’s Club.

Owner of Cannon Limousines, Martin Cannon was so moved by their story that he decided to give them a surprise with sweets and presents packed to the brim in his limousine.

When a car was parked outside his house Conor started shouting about a really big car outside, said Martin. He showed gifts to be given to them all present throughout the car. The kids didn’t know which toys to play with first, he said.

Making the journey to be as memorable as possible for the whole family, Martin played Christmas songs through the radio and told kids that if they did not sing along then we would have to turn around, laughed Martin.

Aoife and Conor were waving to everyone on the way and were having a time of their life. They were like a king and queen for the day. Their full journey spent was by pulling Christmas crackers and telling the jokes inside the vehicle.

Another surprise was there for the Duggans. As Heads of the Cork City Hospitals Children’s Club, John Looney had then informed the family that they will be travelling to Paris next year with the charity to Disneyland.

Also Aidan has been recognized for his bravery earlier. Three years back he received the Father of the Year award at the Gaviscon Maternity and Infant Awards in Dublin.

Very appreciative lesson to be learned from the gesture displayed by Cannon Limousines, says Jass Limo Service (Limo Service San Francisco Airport, Limo service San JoseSanta Clara limo service, Oakland airport limo service) and adds that people, especially kids who when are happy, appear as the most beautiful cute being on this planet who makes others happy around.