Bad Limo Rental Company

There always are many sides of anything in this world, one is good, and other is bad or worst. As is the case with limo rentals who if comes out as bad or worst have the following services or limitations which makes a customer reject them normally;


Have Less Available Options for Customers

One of the reasons when booking a luxury limo service is the comfort of choice they possess with them. So on searching a rental company you found out that company has only a single vehicle (pink super stretch limo), and that its driver can also not pick you up before 12 PM, but can be available at 4 PM  in the evening instead, it looks very suitable for a customer to book them. Just kidding. At that time your next step automatically dials the number of another company.


Pathetic Customer Service

You called a company to get to know about their ride rates and services, but your calls are either responded half halfheartedly or are not even answered at all. If you are lucky enough to be able to talk to someone, the customer service communicating provides with vague answers that lacks both depth and politeness. You must have got this feeling by now and without thinking you must have gone in for the next company.


Car Available is Too Old

Unless searching for a vintage limo ride, then it becomes obvious for a customer to rent from a transportation company that has newer and better maintained vehicles, whereas you don’t want to miss the flight home or towards business. You may never know if the rented vintage blue gets suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road. Some companies may say that old cars are still able to run well, but note that no matter how finely tuned that car is, it can never outperform a brand new one.


No Insurance

One of the reasons limousines are hired instead of ordinary cabs is that they add a security detail to its passengers, and when a limo company you booked does not have any license from the Department or Tourism or insurance for their passengers, then your comfortable ride becomes a ride to hell. The comfort, convenience and safety of customers depend upon the quality of a good limo company (Limo Service San Francisco Airport, Limo service San JoseSanta Clara limo service, Oakland airport limo service) when it is hired. Travelling with a wrong one may get you lucky once or twice, but do not ride with them constantly as it might be adding costs to your troubles when something happens on the road.

Choose the right limo company that offers the most convenient and comfortable ride of your life to remember. Take heed to these four basic signs to make a right choice, and rest fun part depends on how you want to make that day a memorable one or a regrettable one forever.

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