Young Entrepreneur Makes Name in Limo Business

When Moe Ahmed was 18, teenagers enter college looking to make a career. But this was not the case with Ahmed, who now is the owner of MA Limousine & Transportation Worldwide successfully serving to many known customers around.

Make A Wish Foundation, one of Ahmed’s biggest clients rides them in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He says whenever they need a stretch limo; they always make a trip through us.

Now at 22, Ahmed rides with big companies like Empire CLS, Music Express and Mosaic Global Transportation. About 55% of his business comes from farm-in work make ups. His fleet of vehicles includes 3 Grech mini-coaches which travel everyday around 20 times a day to pick up employees, flight crews transporting them between their destinations. He says, it’s always worth when serving people with efficient chauffeurs.

When Ahmed was 18, he wanted to start a car dealership, but his life of business changed when one day he attended a vehicle auction, and there he purchased a Lincoln stretch Town Car. Taking it home, one of his neighbors thought that he had a limo business operated, so he asked Ahmed to take his group to wine tasting. After agreeing to drive, and liking the level of service Ahmed provided, his neighbors started spreading the good word about Ahmed, and gave forwarded his number to friends. Soon business boomed. Within months, he got a Transportation Charter Permit number, bought a sedan and advertised his company on Craigslist. One day while waiting for a client at the airport, he got a call from the general manager of Universal Limousine in Sacramento who said he needed assistance in the Bay Area. Now Ahmed also works as an affiliate, usually working two to three trips a day. Till the age of 15 he lived in Egypt where he was born, and then later moved to France to stay there for four years. He applied for a USA business visa, got married here, and obtained a green card. Ahmed said, because he couldn’t speak English very well, it was difficult to communicate. So he went to an adult school to learn it.

His work certainly has paid off. Within two and a half years over his limo business, he purchased 17 vehicles, and now has 21. The business made $2.5 million in 2016. He said he was unable to believe it until looking at his tax forms from the bank.

Ahmed’s next move is to buy a motor coach, as his dream is to have a fleet of 50 vehicles. Now he is also working to start a company in France, and hopes to come out within the next two years. However it takes a lot of time and money, he adds. Ahmed really loves this job, and his motivation is to talk to people over the phone while providing them with excellent service.

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